Monday, 3 October 2011

Luck of the Irish! The Good Wife S03E02

So I was away last week and didnt get the chance to update the blog so Ill be starting each entry this week with a mini recap of last weeks episode!

So last week The Good Wife returned last week and continued to be one of the best dramas on TV. We learned the Peter/Alicia split is more permanent then before after his past indiscretions with Kalinda. After finally hooking up with Will in that steamy elevator scene relations seemed cold between. Of course that was until that to hot for network TV "Dont move" scene. Tensions are still high between Kalinda and Alicia and as ever any scenes involving Cary and Peter were highlights of the show.

That brings us to this week and some very excellent guest stars including Eddie Izzard and ,a definitely not from Co. Kerry, Simon Delany. The case of the week proved really interesting, something The Good Wife manages far better then other shows. Izzard and Delany really shined throughout the episode and Im really hoping they can return in some capacity.

The long awaited meeting of Kalinda and Eli finally took place and their plot was a great way of showing how cold yet fantastic at their jobs both characters are. As always Panjabi and Cummings remained consistent. What I really like about these two is how subtle their acting is. They dont really need to do a whole lot to show how brilliant they are. While everyone was looking forward to those two finally meeting I always find myself most excited when we get just Diane and Will in the same room. These two play off of one another so well and the closing conversation to last nights episode was fantastic.

How can we talk about last nights episode with focusing on Diane showing up at Alicias home in search of Peter? Well I suppose we cant. This interaction between these two characters just showed how perfectly cast this show is. Margulies and Barinski as two powerful women coming so close to blows brought a great tension to it. Whats fantastic is that both of these women are, at least supposed to be, playing for the same team and Im really hoping we get to see some more conflict between these two over the season.

Over all The Good Wife still remains as one the best dramas on televison. If you're not watching you really need to start!