Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bridgette vs Siobhan round 2! Ringer S01e02 review!

In the aftermath of killing the man sent to murder her we find Bridgette as confused as ever. She gets in contact with her sponsor with a plan to flee New York, but of course nothing goes to plan. Bridgette gets caught up within everyones drama and I find myself not caring about half of it!

Her stepdaughter is developing a drug problem and being just a general bitch to be fair. Of course no one else notices and despite her mean attitude throughout the episode Bridgette ends up on the bathroom consoling her. I get that the writers are trying to get us to be empathetic towards Juliette but I dont see how anyone can be? She storms around acting the moody teenager and expects everyone to bow to her by the look of it. Now that shes apologetic about the drug use is that her arc over? And if so can we get the writers to do something interesting with her?

Next Siobhans best friend is fretting over who her husband is sleeping with. Unbeknownst to her he was sleeping with Siobhan and Bridgette is the only one who knows. Again, are we supposed to care? We get it Siobhan was a bitch and no one knew about it but Id rather see the drama that would unfold if some people found out about the affair! At the very least Id like them to give Henry a bit more to do.

Next up we have Siobhans husband Andrew and his business dealings and sexy partner. This story confuses me more than the others. Im not certain which story we're supposed to be following. Is something gonna come out of his business dealings or is an affair incoming? He seems to be thankful for the way Siobhan, but really Bridgette (keep up), is acting so I dont see him cheating now.

Bridgette had all of this to deal with this week as well as the fact that she just killed a man and she has an event to throw in the loft where shes storing the body. The most interesting aspect of this arc, and the whole show really, is the fact that no one is aware that Siobhan is still alive and trying to kill her sister (and thereby fake her own death) from Paris. If the writers had any sense they would shift some of the focus onto Siobhan and not only have her pop up at the end of the episode.

The episode ends with Siobhan wanting to speed up her plans for faking her death while someone has stolen the now lifeless body of the hitman she sent after her sister. If the show can shift focus to this aspect then it should do fine but if it keeps taking the focus away from it people are gonna tune out!

Overall the episode was OK and a bit more polished than the pilot but when it comes down it, it needs to do more to live up to the potential it has.

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