Friday, 16 September 2011

Up All Night starts with a laugh.

The NBC freshman comedy not only brings Christina Applegate and Will Arnett back to the small screen but also couples them with "30 Rock" and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels as well as SNL vet and Maya Rudolph. All in all the show has pretty impressive comedy chops to start with, as well as featuring Nick Cannon.

The pilot begins with Arnetts "Chris" and Applegates "Reagan" discovering that they've got a baby in there. Skipping over a concept, that lets face it has been done to death, we jump ahead Reagans first day at work after having her baby while Chris leaves his job to stay at home and bond with his newborn daughter. We're then introduced to Rudolphs talk show host "Ava". Rudolphs character is clearly here to provide most of the laughs outside of those associated with Arnett and Applegate serving as fish-out-of-water characters.

With such a talented and veteran cast theres no one to fault. Everyone performs perfectly well with what they've got, especially Arnett who thankfully isnt just playing "Arrested Delelopments" Gob again. The problem then is, does the script live up to its cast?

The script is good. But good isnt good enough. Rudolph is given the most funny material and she's clearly been set up to the funny fun loving best friend of the lead. Arnett as always shines and I really enjoyed his excitement at finding a father in a similar situation. Applegate meanwhile does well with the material she's given but she's given less comedic material and is serving as more as the heart of the series. The cursing aspect which was meant to be played for laughs really grew tired quickly and I can only hope its ditched after the pilot.

Overall the pilot plays out pretty well and while its not the funniest show on TV there are some laughs to be had and there is definitely potential here, even if it is just based on the people involved.

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