Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Buttercups and Groove Is In The Heart! How I Met Your Mother returns. HIMYM S07E01/2 review.

We open at last years close. Ted as best man at Barneys wedding. Im still finding it hard to believe that Barneys getting married, and so is he based on his choice of tie. While I sincerely hope he doesnt marry Robin I just cant see him getting married to Nora in such a short space of time. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. We flash back to Ted as best man at his high school friends Punchys wedding and for some unknown reason all Teds new friends have been invited. The gangs all dealing with something rather big. Ted has just featured on the cover of New York magazine, Marshall and Lilly are trying to hide the fact that their pregnant, Barney is wrestling with his feelings for Nora as he awaits her call and Robin, well Robin is all of a sudden in love with Barney again.

The most interesting scene of the hour long premier was the balcony scene with Ted and Robin. We really see these two characters getting back to their roots and it shows how great these two are as friends. An interesting point of this conversation is that we were reminded of Robin and Teds arrangement that if they are both single by the time they're 40 they will marry one another. Now is this a throwaway comment or is this really a possibility? Regardless, we see Ted commit to finding love again, and at what an appropriate time.

The second episode of the premier centers on Barney showing his undying love for Nora by not leaving a diner. Seriously, I dont get how Barney Stinson has fallen so head over heels in such a short space of time. Sure Ill buy Ted doing that but Barney? Not so much! However, eventually Nora believes that Barneys a changed man and they leave the diner together. Marshall is vying for a new job at an environmental law firm and is trying his best to remove a video of him streaking from the internet. After getting heavily drunk he instead streaks through New York. Despite Marshalls drunken nakedness he still gets the job. Ted begins to date two girls at the same time in his search for love. This show never really address how much of a man whore Ted really is do they? However when faced with the choice of who to bring to a work event Ted opts for Robin (but in a friend way). This is really where things get interesting. Off all the architecture events in all the world who is serving food at this one? Teds one time love Victoria, who after leaving for Germany Ted cheated on with Robin (see Man Whore).

The episode ends with the pair spotting each other and by the looks of it Victorias gonna be around for a while. Something I can really get behind. After Robin, Victoria was my favourite of Teds exes and if she turned out to be the Mother thats something I could live with!

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