Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Castle comes in with a bang! Castle S04E01 review.

And here we go. After last seasons shocking end, like seriously who saw that coming? We return to find Beckett on the way to surgery where her unsuspecting boyfriend waits to operate on his next patient. The gang wait outside as things look worse and worse for Beckett. But this is TV so of course shes fine a day later. Well physically fine that is. In the wake of finally telling Beckett that he loved her Castle goes to visit her not really certain what to expect. He brings her flowers and witty banter in typical Castle fashion. She tells him she cant remember a single thing from the shooting, an obvious lie, and that she needs space from him.

So its now been three months since Beckett was in the hospital and its her first day back on the job. While Ryan and Esposito have been working on finding Becketts shooter the case is now closed because of new Captain Victoria "Iron" Gates. Not only is Becketts case closed but Castle is no where to be found. According the boys the new Captain kicked him to the kerb. In the months since they last saw one another Castle has been non stop working on not only Becketts shooting but also her mothers murder. However, when the two are reunited at Castles book signing hes understandably pissed. After not hearing from the women he loves after three months hes pretty annoyed about careless she is about it all. But then again she did get shot and after hearing that Beckett and Dr. Boyfriend broke up Castle is much more willing to listen.

Theres a typical murder of the week story line that really just seemed kinda thrown together and doesnt really impact the A plot at all. What we really need to take from the episode is how different things are gonna be in the precinct under "Iron" Gates. Shes not a fan of Castle and her and Beckett are getting off to a rough start. The season looks like its taking a very different turn for the show. We hear Beckett tell Castle that she'll be ready for a relationship once she solves her mothers case. Theres more than a bit of a problem with this situation though. All signs point to Beckett dying trying to solve this case! So Castle persuades her to put the case on hold, which in turn puts their relationship on hold! Oh but twist ending. We learn that Castle is gonna continue investigating Becketts mothers death without her and that *gasp* Beckett knows how Castle feels shes just not ready for that kinda relationship.

Overall the season four opener was a stellar Castle episode and has set up the fourth season really nicely!

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