Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Glee goes in New Directions! Glee S03E01 review!

There's no denying that Glee has a certain quality that keeps people coming back. Maybe its the music, maybe its the fact that its probably the most positive show on TV, whatever it is no matter what happens you go back for more. This quality pretty much saved the show last year. After a stellar opening season the show took a nosedive. It became to caught up in its own hype and it got so messy. There was no coherent story arcs and it was used more as a way to sell records rather than be a quality TV show. With a promise from the shows creators that the musical numbers and guest stars will be toned down we're all back for the first day of senior year.

The episode follows the kids as they return to school after the summer and their still stinging defeat at nationals last season. Finn and Rachel are still playing the happy couple despite the fact that Finn has zero idea what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Rachel on the other hand has her strict life plan bound in pink notepad. One of the high points of the episode was Rachel and Kurt going to a mixer for potential students at a New York performing arts school. While these two kids have prided themselves on being the best singers in glee they got firmly put in their place here. The competition between the two new best friends is going to be an interesting story arc this year. What I most like about it is that it has the potential to last all season which shows structure, something that last season was seriously lacking.

Not only was Kurt planning his life ahead of him he was also trying to perfect the present. Early in the episode Kurt is seen begging perfect boyfriend Blaine to transfer schools and come join his glee club. Heres my problem with this story. Kurt started out as a well rounded character who had his flaws. Over the course of last season Kurt and Blaine were transformed into these perfect beings. Their flawlessness stepped out of the realm of possibility. However, the two characters didnt really bother me as much they had previously and I find myself interested in how their story plays out.

Next up we have Will and Emma living the happy life as a couple. Well almost. It appears that although shes getting closer Emma still cant commit to some fornication! It seems to be taking its toll on Will, and the problem isnt helped by Sue. Sue is now running for Congress and her stance against the arts is her main selling point. Apparently this is gonna be 20 episode arc for the character which is awesome. Jane Lynch is one of the funniest people out there and she was treated horribly on the show last year. What need is for Sue to be nothing but cruel 99% of the time with small shout outs to her more vulnerable side.

Elsewhere Brittany is building a time machine and Sanatana was booted from New Directions for setting fire to their piano. Quinn on the other has decided to quit Glee and join "The Skanks!". And her absence wass notable. The two most interesting storylines from last year were Max Adlers Karofsky dealing with his sexuality and Quinn post pregnancy. These two were very obviously missing from this episode and I really hope their presence is felt throughout the season.

Overall I thought the premier brought the show back on track and for the most part the story arcs proposed here look like the making of a good season.

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